5 important battles between Big Tech and European antitrust enforcers

Andres Acevedo
Andres Acevedo
The rise and rise of Big Tech is redefining our notions of consumer welfare and personal integrity. Big Tech has created markets where we–instead of using our money to buy products and services–are using our personal integrity to become the product and become the service.

Many of us are struggling with how to relate to this transformation. Some embrace this brave new world ruled by tech giants. Others try to opt out. But from both camps, there is a growing demand on governments and regulators to check the ever-growing power of Big Tech.

Last week’s U.S. Congressional hearing of Big Tech (GAFA) indicates that some lawmakers in the U.S. are trying to meet this demand. In this video, I talk about how European competition law (antitrust) enforcers are tackling GAFA power, and the 5 most important competition law battles that are being fought in Europe right now. These battles concern us all and will be important to follow.

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